Daily Checklist to Maintain Home Between Cleanings

"A clean home is a happy home."

Professional cleanings are great for helping to get your home in prime condition, but how do you keep up the pristine appearance between appointments? Believe it or not, daily maintenance does not have to take much time at all. To simplify your daily routine, here is a checklist that will take mere minutes.


  1. Put away any clean dishes in dishwasher
  2. Rinse dirty dishes and load dishwasher (or wash by hand)
  3. Clear any visible clutter
  4. Hang dish towels
  5. Wipe stovetops/countertops
  6. Spot clean any messes on floor



  1. Spray shower with cleanser to prevent mold and mildew
  2. Clear sink of any makeup, brushes, clutter etc.
  3. Spray sink and wipe down
  4. Use same cloth to clean spots on mirror (i.e. toothpaste)
  5. Wipe any dust or dirt off toilet tank and seat



  1. Make bed
  2. Put any clothes and shoes away in closet
  3. Clear away any clutter off dresser and nightstand


Living Room

  1. Fold blankets, fluff pillows
  2. Put away any clutter (i.e. toys, books, magazines)
  3. Spot clean tabletops, cabinets, mirrors etc.